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There are many products available to help protect properties from flooding and we will advise on the most appropriate. These are a selection:-

Flood Angel® Anti-flood Airbrick:

Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick

Available in 5 standard colours, the world's first BSI Kitemark accredited airbrick to protect against flooding. (PAS 1188-1:2009).

AUTO-CLOSES - The Airbrick uses the power of the flood water to close itself. Once waters subside, the Airbrick opens again.
RETRO-FIT or NEW - The Airbrick can be retro-fit or used in new build construction.
STOPS INSECTS - The integrated mesh unit stops insects and debris entering.

Flood Angel® Anti-flood Airbrick Cover:

Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick Cover

BSI Kitemark accredited (PAS 1188-1:2009). Protect standard clay airbricks from the ingress of water.

FAST TO FIT - Takes minutes to install after the first application.
COST EFFECTIVE - Cost effective solution to stop ingress of water.

Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Single Barrier:

Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier

BSI kitemark accreditation. This superior flood defence barrier is a bespoke, made to measure product. Suitable for either standard inward or outward opening doors, the system can be produced using six different fixing systems so that it can be fitted to virtually any door opening.

BESPOKE TO YOU - Easy fit in under 2 minutes. Peace of mind that the Flood Defender can be deployed with speed in emergency flood situations.

Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Double Barrier:

Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Double Barrier

BSI kitemark accreditation. Double Door Barriers are ideal for patio and French doors and are suitable for use on either standard inward or outward opening doors; the system can be produced using six different fixing systems so that it can be fitted to virtually any door opening.

LISTED BUILDINGS - Ideal for listed properties where permanent rails are not always acceptable to the local planning authority.

Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve:

Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve

The UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water.

AUTO-CLOSES - uses the power of the flood water to close itself. Once waters subside, thevalve opens again.

Flood Angel® 50mm Backwater Valve

Flood Angel® 50mm Backwater Valve

An anti-flooding device protecting interiors from flooding caused by backflow of sewage. Such risk exists most frequently in sanitary drain systems connected to combined and other sewage systems.

AUTO-CLOSES - The valve uses the power of the flood water to close itself. Once waters subside, the valve opens again.
EASY TO INSTALL - Easy installation and virtually maintenance free.

Flood Angel® Toilet Bung:

Flood Angel® Toilet Bung

U bend toilet bung is a simple, inflatable device used to prevent sewage backflow coming back up the toilet under flood conditions. The bung is designed to fit into the U bend of a toilet to prevent sewage backflow.

EASY TO INSTALL - The Toilet Bung is quick and very easy to deploy.

Flood Angel® Waterstop

Flood Angel® Waterstop

Water repellent concentrate, which, once diluted, can be applied to above ground surfaces such as walls to create a protective waterproof seal.

EASY TO APPLY - Spray on, brush on or roll on. Waterstop is easy to apply to surfaces.
SOLVENT FREE - Waterstop is solvent free. Silicone/Siloxane water based. No smell, no fire risk, no waste.
ECO-FRIENDLY - Waterstop is environmentally friendly and is not a transportation hazard.

Flood Angel® Sanitiser:

Flood Angel® Sanitiser

A powerful post flood damage sanitiser and disinfectant concentrate.

For sanitisation of brickwork, plaster, timber joists, floorboards, fixtures and fittings in properties subjected to flood water damage.

Flood Angel® Silicone

Flood Angel® Silicone

A multi-purpose acetoxy curing sealant which provides a watertight, permanently flexible seal. It has excellent adhesion to most substrates, including ceramics, glazed surfaces, aluminium, painted and non-porous surfaces.

PREVENTS MOULD - Contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth in areas of high humidity.
OUTDOOR & INDOOR - for sealing around door apertures and windows, pipes, ducts.

Flood Angel® Tanking Polymer:

Flood Angel® Tanking Polymer

The ideal solution for below ground waterproofing and vertical DPC membrane for above ground applications.

A cementitious waterproofing polymer containing an acrylic polymer which imparts improved strength, bonding and abrasion resistance.

Tanking Polymer is extremely adhesive, microporous and durable. Can be applied both internally and externally.



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